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There are a lot of aspects to consider during a divorce or legal separations. Perhaps the most important is what happens to your children. Our focus centers on providing you with above satisfactory results when representing you and your parental rights.
Our law firm also handles visitation schedules. We will fight for you to get the visitation that is fair. There are several legal ways to constitute visitation court orders and we are here to walk you through them. Whether you need to edit an existing court order, enforce a prior order, or create a new one, Joseph Perrar will listen to your personal situation and decide what is best for you. It is not uncommon for the circumstances of the child or the parents to change after the Court enters an order. Depending on the change of circumstances, the Court’s prior order may no longer be in the best interest of the child.

Our comprehensive list of child custody cases include:

  • Temporary child custody

  • Grandparents rights

  • Full child custody

  • Father’s custody rights

  • Mother’s custody rights

Changing a family’s schedule can be tough on the entire family. We will do everything we can to guide not only you, but also your child, through this process. We understand that divorce or separation can be a confusing time and its usual for communication to break down. It is our goal to step in and speak on your behalf.

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